Like slowly killing your gpa (and your mind)

This is an image: you are in the usual post-secondary class. The professor is in the lecture hall, but he doesn't do a projector, takes a laptop or makes any slides -- he just starts talking. You can see that you are in the right class

You are. And your professor is still showing no sign of starting PowerPoint

After you're shocked, all you can get from the professor of droning is that there is no "laptop computer" in place. That means you won't have Maciek to accept your comments, which also means that you really have to invest in some laptops and a good pen

But the voice inside your head thinks differently. You don't want this archaic, anti-technological psychopath to impede your training. You'll let the class drop by the minute you left. Damn it, you can even do it in your Macbook book

"You don't want this archaic, anti-technical nut to interfere with your training."

Full disclosure: If you did, you would have jumped from time to time. Of course, your first instinct will tell you that this professor is off the rails, but he really deserves to be considered if his old way of doing you a favor. I'm inclined to do it myself

There are some ways in which technologies can not only kill our GPA, but also our ability to learn

With the Internet (and the beauty that is mobile data), you can access any information you want. You may have a small application that looks like a notebook tied to a spiral so that you can enter your comments, it's cool, but the persecution of this cute guy on Facebook is likely to be much more interesting for you than being injected into an imaginary sheet of paper

The teachers are too familiar with all these distractions. A professor

Not decepting. Your teachers

The worst feeling in the world is when you copy the last sentence on the slide and suddenly changes. You don't have to worry about that on laptops, so they should be your choice to get notes, right? Not exactly

There's a difference between a note and a transcription. A

"There's a difference between a note and a simple notation."

One of the great things about having your laptop with you at any time is that you might look like you're doing something important in a second. But the portable screens are also very cool and put you in the world of your own, which makes it difficult to talk to others when they are open and light. Let' s not forget those little culprits who are constantly in our pockets; most of us will not be able to count the number of times we test smart phones on one day, with one hand, and we could

"Go to any university food center, and you will see countless people glued to their screens, even when they're with other people."

A night conversation took away our main place in the back seat or the call, and at the same rate, it would be more work than anything else by the time we were older. Go to any university food center, and you will see countless people glued to their screens, even when they're with other people. Like they forgot they had vocal chords or something. Just remember: there are still many instances in your life where you will have to talk, so keep talking and cut instant messages!

Technology has become an excellent resource for research, and the use of this technology to find information is definitely better than in the library and within a few hours. However, technology also makes it incredibly simple for students. In 2012, it was registered

There is no denying that technology has always been an integral part of our learning experience, but we must all remember this with caution and restraint. Don't be afraid to take your pen and make notes manually. The feeling of disconnecting from the digital world once in a while. You will be surprised what you can achieve if you do

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